English – Hapiness, my best friend

Happiness, my best friend

Happiness at the right time.

Some of us claim you are just a decoy.

And yet, You would be fully enjoyed

By the one who loves simplicity,

The one who keeps his head above water,

And fully regains one’ s responsibility.

You are widely opened,

To lovers of nature.

You are such a slide,
A stunning mix of flavors.

You are also known as:

Friendship, intimacy, hilarity, joy, life, bliss.

We can take advantage of you,

With a clear mind.

From now you have a new name:

Friend forever.


ISBN 978-2-9583935-64 Les Alizés Saint Just 2022



Happiness, my best friend

What’s in this book?

Have you ever found the right person; dreamed of a beautiful, long-lasting relationship; got together and watched the relationship become a source of stress? Have you ever changed partners and felt that the only difference with your past relationship was your new partner’s face?

Have you ever found yourself with a bank account in the red, or empty, or with a desperately low balance? Have you ever found opportunities to improve your financial life, only to miss them completely?

Have you ever been totally dedicated to your children and still felt that your relationship with them was inharmonious?

Have you ever had enough money to live on and yet felt empty and lonely?

Have you ever had very good friends and never found the strength and courage to take a few seconds to send them kind words to keep the relationship going?

To all these questions, we may be tempted to answer that it’s life, fate, bad luck, circumstances. In reality, there are reasons for all these attitudes that you and I have developed, and which take us further away from a life of happiness every day. This book will provide you with a long list of detailed explanations to your questions.

The answers to these questions seem to me essential because they give you the key to a direction’s change. Indeed, once you’ve read the answers in this book, you’ll immediately understand that there’s nothing definitive about the events of your life. In short, the trajectory of your current life is the result of non-conscious programming by your subconscious. And this trajectory can be changed very easily with the latest neuroscience-based tools. Change is now within the reach of everyone, not just a minority. This book introduces you to these tools, proposed by the best teachers in the world. They’re easy to use, and take just a few minutes a day. And the results are fabulous if you set an intention every time you use them.

This book won’t tell you what happiness is. Its ultimate goal is to bring you to the level of consciousness where you define happiness according to your own criteria. It will take you to the place where you astonish yourself. It will take you to the place where you meet the life’s challenges easily.

I suggest you read the first chapter of the book “A couple’s life” here: https://desmotsprecieux.com/extrait-livre/ or read the blog posts, which give you an overview of the contents of the whole book here https://desmotsprecieux.com/blog/.

Be happy.
Author: Sèna GAY VIGAN

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